Deliver Marketing Excellence with AI

Seamlessly integrate an exceptional student experience.

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Trusted by Professionals and Teams

Trusted by Professionals and Teams

Engage Prospective Families That Don't Explore Beyond Your Homepage!


Identify Your Website's Blindspots

See what your school website's visitors are looking for, but unable to find. Fill in the information gaps!


Capture Valuable Prospect Insights

Gain greater visibility into the unique interests of your prospects. Use an informed, data-driven approach to marketing.


Pre-Qualify Leads and Save Time

Delegate up to 90% of your inbound inquiries to AI. Free up time to handle unique and high-intent leads.

Get Better Results with AI Support

Analytics Suite

Our monthly reports dive deep into what your prospects are looking for and interested in. It's like having a crystal ball for your marketing strategy, helping you make informed decisions.

AI Messaging

Conversations dynamically adapt based on the unique tone of inbound inquiries. Your AI does so while embedding your institution's unique culture.


Ask Lilac will loop you in when it is not confident in answering an inquiry. Your AI will determine which team member is best equipped to answer an inquiry, depending on its nature.

Multilingual Support

Your AI will chat with users in their preferred language and is really smart. It will pick up linguistic and cultural nuances and adapt to suit.

One-Click Training

Train your AI support agent on the content from your website in one click! Add files from your internal knowledge base with our cloud storage integrations.

Automatic Updates

Your AI agent keeps in sync with changes to the content of your website and knowledge base, ensuring dependable accuracy of responses.

Experience the Future of Digital Engagement with Ask Lilac

Enhance Student Engagement and Satisfaction

Your AI support agent will be available for your website's visitors 24/7, 365 days a year. The internet never sleeps, so why should your institution's ability to chat with students?

Relies on the Most Accurate AI models available

We understand how crucial it is for your support agents to handle inquiries with precision. This is why we only use the best - GPT-4 by default across all plans, to ensure answers are only given where there is a high degree of certainty in their validity. Say goodbye to inaccuracy and hallucination!

All-in-One AI Solution For Marketing and Student Services



We are always expanding our integrations for both knowledge base sources and your favorite CRMs.

Culture Training

Your AI agents are trained not only on your data, but also what makes your organization especially unique - its culture.

Supercharge your
Marketing Funnel

Your website's entire knowledge base, one click away.


Data-Rich, Content-Light

Do away with overcrowded landing pages and content treasure hunts. Have all of your content easily accessible on every page.


Much More Than Simple FAQ's

Our AI Admissions Agents are able to handle complex questions and adapt dynamically. Your prospects' queries shouldn't have to fit into templated questions - with Ask Lilac, they won't have to.


Highly Adaptable

Questions are understood based on their semantic meaning. Your AI admissions agent is very smart - it adapts to challenges like spelling errors and improper conjugation in user messages with ease.


A New Way to Source Leads

Collect more information from your website's visitors. Synchronize leads with your favorite CRM.

Turn your website into your greatest Brand Ambassador